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Design Packages

The following design sourcing packages cater to clients who possess the time to manage the ordering and receiving of their items but find themselves grappling with design concepts and assembling a look they truly love. During the consultation, we can discuss the scope further and recommend the most suitable package based on your project's needs.


Our sourcing packages are considered complete upon delivery of the mood boards with all the links and photos to the options provided. While we reserve 1-2 hours for adjustments, please note that these hours expire twenty-one days from completion


*For larger projects with a hands-off approach—where you want us to orchestrate the entire process, from selecting and ordering to receiving and installing the items—please reach out to Rebecca directly at 510-499-5225. As more extensive projects come with a unique pricing arrangement, timeline, and process.

One Hour Design Consultation $350:

Consultations are the best first step for people looking for direct design ideas. During this one-hour Design Consultation service, we'll collaborate to determine the best furniture layout and discuss items needed to fit your space, desired look and everyday needs. Additionally, you'll receive two paint color combination options for up to two rooms. Our goal is to provide you with practical solutions that align with your style and functionality preferences. 

Inspire Me Package $500:

Embark on your design journey with our Inspire Me Package. It includes an enlightening one-hour consultation, a virtual vision board with furniture styles, placement suggestions, color palettes, and expert advice on accessorizing. This invaluable resource guides your item selection. Enjoy a one-hour follow-up session via phone or email for any questions. While flexible, we suggest a room-by-room approach for comprehensive design. 

10 Hour Mini Package $2500:

Our 10 Hour Mini Package is ideal for clients with typically one small room/area, that may or may not already be adorned with existing pieces and looking to add the perfect finishing touches (ex 4-5 items). Our team will select perfect furniture, linens, fixtures, flooring, vanities, hardware, cabinetry, and or accessories etc.  And present curated options for each item. After your selections, we promptly provide links or store details for easy ordering. Additionally, you'll receive a mood board featuring our top recommendations. To achieve a harmonious design, we recommend a room-by-room approach.

15 Hour Gold Package $3750:

Our 15 Hour Gold Package caters to hands-on clients seeking an elevated design experience. We carefully handpick and source a versatile selection of essential items for your upgrades, providing up to three options for each item. We'll then furnish you with the relevant links or store information for hassle-free ordering and purchasing. To enhance the coherence of your design, we suggest considering a room-by-room approach. Additionally, you'll receive a personalized mood board featuring our 1st choice recommendations. Typically, this package suits clients looking to complete the design for two rooms, depending on the size of the rooms and how many items are needed per room/area. 

20 Hour Luxe Package $5000:  

Our 20 Hour Luxe Package invites you to step into the realm of refined design and indulge in the epitome of hands. This exclusive offering invites you to immerse yourself in a sophisticated design experience where we meticulously handpick and source items, presenting you with up to 3 carefully curated options for each element. Complete with necessary links or store information for your ordering and purchasing convenience. Elevate your experience with an exclusive mood board that showcases our top choice selections to enhance your space. To ensure a truly transformative journey for your home, we recommend embracing a room-by-room approach, allowing for a comprehensive design that transcends the ordinary. Typically, this package suits clients looking to complete the design for two-three rooms, depending on room size and how many items are needed per room/area.

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