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Design Packages

At D1215, we specialize in two crucial areas: preparing homes for the competitive housing market and transforming living spaces.We provide tailored design services that alleviate the burden and deliver a fresh and timeless look. Let us bring your vision to life and achieve remarkable results. Trust D1215 for stunning and functional spaces that make a difference.


Inspire Me Package $500:

Embark on your design journey with our Inspire Me Package. We begin with an enlightening one-hour consultation, delving into your vision and aspirations. Following this, we'll present you with a captivating virtual vision board, showcasing furniture styles, optimal placement recommendations, color palettes, and expert advice on accessorizing your space. This invaluable resource will serve as your guiding light as you source and handpick your items. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a one-hour follow-up session, either through phone or email, to ensure all your questions are answered. Should you require further assistance, we offer additional time billed at $220 per hour.

7 Hour Mini Package $1540:

Our 7 Hour Mini Package is crafted specifically for clients who desire our expertise in handpicking and sourcing the essential elements for their upgrades. Imagine having our team select the perfect light fixtures, flooring options, bathroom vanities, hardware, cabinetry, and more. With attention to detail, we'll source up to 15 items, presenting you with three thoughtfully curated options for each. Once the selections are made, we'll promptly email you the necessary links or store information for seamless ordering and purchasing. We offer additional time billed at $220 per hour.

12 Hour Gold Package $2640:

Our 12 Hour Gold Package caters to hands-off clients seeking an elevated design experience. With your convenience in mind, we will carefully handpick and source up to 30 items essential for your upgrades. Similar to our Mini Package, you'll be presented with three exquisite options for each item. We'll then provide you with the relevant links or store information for hassle-free ordering and purchasing. We offer additional time billed at $220 per hour.

25 Hour Luxe Package: Indulge in the epitome of hands $5500:

Off luxury with our 25 Hour Luxe Package. Designed for clients who desire an extraordinary design experience, we'll meticulously handpick and source up to 50 items to elevate your space. You'll receive the curated options and necessary links or store information for convenient ordering and purchasing. Upon the arrival of your items, it will be your responsibility to unpack and examine them. However, if you prefer our involvement in managing the receiving process, additional charges of $250 per hour will apply. Let us orchestrate a truly transformative journey for your home.

*For larger projects, we offer flat rate design services tailored to your budget and job scope. To discover the pricing details for these projects, we invite you to call Rebecca directly at 510.499.5225.

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