Selling Your Home Can Be A Daunting Task...

It is our job as Property Stylists to uncomplicate your life during this time. We will bring what is needed to create a beautiful home to proudly show to prospective buyers. Maximizing the sale of your home will bring you joy and contentment. 


The Opportunity to Sell Faster!!!


The property stylists at Design12fifteen are professionals at what they do. They beautify a home to excite! Their aim is to entice and motivate excited buyers. Motivated buyers imagine themselves in well-staged homes but know that these homes do not stay on the market for long. Property Styling will transform your home into a beautiful oasis that buyers can look to as their own.  Traveling the extra mile for our sellers, homes designed by Design12fifteen have an unparalleled edge, sell fast, and for a higher price.   

What you can do to command the value out of your home is to make even the smallest in repairs, clean windows, paint inside and out if needed, and upgrade and /or remodel. This can be an emotional time, and Design12fifteen desires to make this more of a joyous time, rather than a time of grief. Work with us for a lovely home re-do that speaks to your personality.  


It’s a Wrap!!!

Once an assessment of your design has been completed, you will receive a quote that ultimately becomes a contract and invoice. It is our goal to make the entire process as seamless as possible for our clients. 


We Bring It…


Bringing all that’s needed – furniture, artwork, foliage, wall décor, and all other pertinent accessories, we will bring the style that inspires buyers! We have an extensive inventory to choose from, as we fashion your home in charm and comfort.  


We happily work with our clients’ own furnishings...

Pleasing our clients is our goal! Whether we bring in all furniture and accessories that are needed, or if we have the opportunity to work with your own furnishings, we are here to make your space desirable to your prospective buyers. When we visit your home, our stylists will assess what you have and provide helpful guidance. We will work with your furnishings and accessories and can then make recommendations, if needed, on additional pieces to move in if required. 


Our Resources... 

We, at Design12fifteen, are privileged to have sources, and offer decorating tips! We are honored to be associated with the suppliers in the industry who provide what we need to create a buyer’s paradise – your home. In essence, we enjoy sharing! We can source and supply the furnishings to suit your needs. We’re here to give you the best styling suggestions based on your home and situation.


Design12fifteen would be honored to work with you. Our extensive Real Estate knowledge in design prowess brings a must- see appearance to your lovely home. 

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