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Our clients’ vision is highly valued. Over the years, we have had the distinct opportunity to work on incredible property-styling projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As Property Stylists, we specialize in transforming houses into beautiful, intriguing and inviting homes. Property styling has been proven to help attract more buyers, put your home on the buyer’s must-see list, sell your home faster and for a higher price.


As a cohesive team of passionate and innovative designers who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, we work creatively to provide an experience that delivers quality furnishings, textiles, and craftsmanship to all of our design projects. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the real estate market while understanding the beautifully-diverse demographic where we live, work and play. 


Potential buyers are inspired by an array of specialties that Design12fifteen brings. Our proficiencies are top-notch offering environments that will stimulate your senses.  We invite you to view our project portfolio and read what our clients are saying. It is our desire to create a lasting impression of what we can do for you. By immersing yourself in and imagining how stunning your home will be with trending concepts by Design12fifteen, you will find the expertise and creativity that can attract desirable, quality offers. Please reach out to schedule a consultation. 

As a project manager at local construction company for many years, creator of Design12fifteen, Rebecca Clarke was educated on how to build multi-million-dollar luxury, modern homes from the ground up. She became well-read on construction, design, & a myriad of intricacies within the building process. This coupled with a degree in Business & Communications lead her the world of design.  As one of the Lead Designers for an array of successful, top stagers & design companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rebecca’s expertise & professionalism award her with integrity & respect from her delighted clients & colleagues.  

While gaining a greater understanding and passion for design and merchandising by working as Director of Design and Communications at a local furniture rental and sales company, Rebecca has an eye for creativity and detail. Her experience and knowledge help to create art forms throughout her clients homes.  She has a flair for design, contrast, and placement which brings style, class, and refinement to the Real Estate industry.   


Thank you for trusting Design12fifteen.

“Interior design is a business of trust.” ~ V. Williams

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